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easiPieces are your topper’s best friend! Created to be worn accompanying your topper, easiPieces were simply designed to add subtle, balanced volume that complements a lightweight topper for a full, natural look. However, easiPieces can be worn with or without a topper depending on desired look. Even though this piece is not a hair extension and will not add length to your hair, you can create the look of layers by using the 8” Length and 12”  Length pieces. We recommend 4-6 pieces for a full voluminous look. Made with the highest quality Remy Human Hair, easiPieces have a slim, slender polyurethane base, which will give you an undetectable volume. 

The model is wearing 7 easiPieces in color FS24/102S12 (stated below) as well as easiPart 18” HH. Use this as a guide to create a full, balanced look.

  • 1- 16” length x 9” width (at the crown)
  • 2 - 12” length x 6” width (at the nape)
  • 2 - 16” length x 4” width (on each side of the head)
  • 2 - 12” length x 4” width (on each side of the head)


Note: Price listed reflects one single easiPiece.


DEPARTMENTWomen's Hair Extensions
COLLECTIONeasihair Collection
HAIR FIBERRemy Human Hair Pieces
TEXTUREHeat Friendly Hair Pieces

easiPieces 16" L x 9" W | Remy Human Hair Piece (1 Piece)

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