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About this item

  • Hair Wax Stick & Edge Control : A very portable wax stick for hair that effectively smooth out frizz and gives your hair a smoother, shinier look. Also, whether your curls are coiled, kinky or loose, you can use this edge control for black hair to blend nicely with the edges of your hair.
  • Rosemary Oil For Hair Growth : Our hair oils for hair growth is designed to repair and stimulate hair follicles. It helps to accelerate hair growth and replenish the natural oils on the scalp that are essential for hair growth. Effectively prevents hair loss, makes hair stronger, can be visibly thicker, fuller and healthier.
  • Lace Bond Skin Protector For Wigs: Our scalp protector spray is specially designed for your skin to avoid the irritation caused by glue. It forms a protective film between the scalp and glue to improve the adhesion of wig lace in hot and humid weather.
  • Wig Glue & Wig Glue Remover:Our waterproof lace glue for wigs is safe to use on poly and lace and leaves the skin and wig naturally bonded after application. Also, our lace glue remover can easily remove adhesive residue from various cosmetic bonding products.
  • Elastic Bands For Wig & Styling Comb:Our wig band is used to melt your lace and hold your edges and baby hair. Our lace band are soft and elastic, adjustable to fit most head sizes, and with an edge brush to comb your hair and splashes, you can easily get the perfect look.

Wig Glue Lace Glue for Lace Front Wigs

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